“ GMG · Technology leaders in the raised floor “


Our main product is the manufacture and installation of raised floor for offices, data centers , CPD , public buildings, etc. our catalog is composed of tiles of different styles providing resistance , innovation and design.
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R & D

We have an R & D together with controlled testing laboratories to detail the tiles produced GMG | Raised Flooring so that our customers always receive our product in optimum condition. “At the forefront”
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GMG | Raised Flooring is a provider of raised floor with a commitment to innovation in design, quality and service. All our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with standard UNE-EN 12825. The new technological processes.
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Recent projects

In the recent history of GMG | Rised Flooring , has a series of works made with our high ground. Here we present a series of works by our team of professionals.

G M G | Raised Flooring resistance , innovation and design”


Project carried out in Panama.


Project carried out for a town in Nigeria. EKO Atlantic, Lagos.