CMRp40 model

Baldosa CMRp40


1. Lower side: The lower side of the tile CSRp-40 has been designed by a tray of cold laminated steel, low in carbon, ready cold mounting (UNE-EN 10346), protected with a galvanic zinc coating, which provide it high protection against corrosion.

2. Upper face: Technical series of porcelain stoneware tile.

3. The core: Referred to the inside part of the tile formed by a top quality wood agglomerate board, which have low formaldehyde emission.

4. Profile ABS: The perimeter edge of the tile, is protected by a ABS fence, which provides protection and good dimensional finish.

Technical characteristics

Nominal size (mm) 600x600x40
Weight (kg) 17
Class. fire resistance (EN-1081) BSL-S1
Elect. resistance (EN-1081) ≥ 1010 ohm
Isolation (EN-1081) ≥ 52

Tile sorting and loading*

  S/L L/M L/R
Tile Pedestal with stringer 2/3/A/1 3/3/A/1 4/2/A/1
Workload 2,4 2,8 4,5

* S/L: without stringer | L/M: medium stringer | L/R: reinforced stringer



Stoneware finishing




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