Work methodology

Our company philosophy is to maintain the quality of our products and ensure that the customer receives the product in perfect condition to get the best performance and usage. Our working method is comprehensive, keeping the tiles design. All our tiles are tested S / N UNE-EN 12825: 2002. In terms of production, our employees put maximum effort in the properly manufacture of each tile, plus we have an optimal manufaturing line.

Why Us?

  • Quality guarantee.
  • Experience.
  • We always deliver on our promises.
  • We care about your projects.


diseño GMG | Raised Flooring is at the forefront of technological innovation, keeping design across our entire range of tiles so that does not affect the strength thereof.


ensayos Our tiles have been tested in certified laboratories, ensuring that they meet the UNE-EN 12825: 2002 and the rules of fire classification 13823: 2002.



Our production has the means to manufacture any type of tile.